Sociology Optional Preparation Strategy

Sociology optional preparation strategy

· I have been asked to answer this Q and similar related Qs on Sociology optional. Thank you all for the same. Before writing my startegy, let me share my marks in Sociology. CSE Mains- += Mains- += Mains- +  · Before you prepare a strategy for Sociology or start the actual preparation it is important to first go through the Sociology optional syllabus.

Sociology Optional Syllabus For UPSC 2020 PDF Download

There are two papers in the Mains exam. Paper 1 focusses on Fundamentals of Sociology while the Paper 2 focusses on different aspects of Indian society. Sociology Optional Strategy Sociology is one the most scoring optionals in the UPSC / IAS exam. However to score well in sociology, it is important that the student follows the correct strategy. · Sociology Optional: Preparation Strategy. J J Abaadh. I chose Sociology as my optional in early and has stuck with it for my all 4 attempts at Civil Services Examination.

Lacking any literary flair, I will try to make this article as practical and utilitarian for future aspirants as possible. IAS Mains Preparation Strategy for Sociology Optional IAS Mains is the second stage of the selection process. This exam contains marks among which marks are awarded to the optional subject. These marks are divided into 2 papers having marks for each.

Courses. IAS; State PCS; IES; GATE; CSIR UGC NET; IIT-JEE; NEET; Others; Prelims; Prelims cum Mains. Fortunately, essay questions also appear from Sociology. Sociology Optional Subject Analysis. Sociology is a non-technical subject.

Do not worry even if you are from the science background. It will be easy to comprehend. Basically, the syllabus is divided into 2 papers. Paper 1 of Sociology focus on foundation concepts. · UPSC IAS TOPPER, Saurabh Dixit Sociology Optional Strategy ( Marks) AIRCSE First Attempt, No Coaching Read the Part-1 Here: Preparation Journey and General Strategy Read the Part-2 Here: Prelims Strategy Read the Part-3 Here: GS Mains Strategy Optional subject in CSE is of utmost importance and plays a deciding role in your selection.

· Advantages of Sociology Optional Sociology is the study of society, which includes a vast variety of topics, which are general and easy to understand. Students of any background can understand it can complete the syllabus easily. · SOCIOLOGY STRATEGY. By UPSC CSE Topper. Chirumamilla Vinay Kumar AIR (Sociology Marks – ) Hello Friends! Sociology helped me a lot in developing new thoughts, perspectives and added value to my essays as well.

In my first attempt when I was selected (AIRCSE ) I had limited time to prepare and write answers. · UPSC strategy by sociology optional topper Vishal Shah AIR 63 in Hi for aspirants giving cse in I’ll share the books to start with in this post. A little background about me- I’m an engineer with 2 years work experience. Strategy to Prepare Sociology Optional. No special knowledge or academic background is required for the preparation of Sociology as an optional subject. Numerous evidences show that candidates without any special skill in Sociology have obtained high scores.

The basic requirement of high scoring is actually the understanding of different.

Sociology optional preparation strategy

Preparation Strategy for Sociology optional Start sociology preparation by reading ‘Sociology: Themes and Perspectives’ by Haralambos and Holborn. This book will provide you with a basic understanding of all the fundamental concepts of sociology.

Moreover, it also contains case studies and reading it will help you apply theory to practice.

Sociology optional preparation strategy

Sociology Optional Strategy for the Beginners Sociology, in general and UPSC syllabus in specific helps you in understanding the society and hence makes a better person with rationale towards making and living a better social life. As an individual, it makes you more malleable and adaptive to society. Timeline for Preparation The timeline for preparation is generally based on individual grasping power and availability of time for study. For completing sociology Optional, ideally, 4 months are required to cover the whole syllabus.

You can divide your time equally for both Papers I and Paper 2. · Join some whatsapp or telegram group for sociology optional, Get in touch with someone who is seriously preparing so that you can get your doubts resolved if you are preparing on your own. Try watching online tutorials (though I did not do so as I found that very time consuming, Moreover I did not know to what depth we need to cover a topic).

· This Article has been shifted to our new blog. Below is the link of the article: RANK Atul Vats, 1st Attempt, Sociology Optional, Detailed GS and Optional Strategy. · My tryst with sociology began with upsc preparation in October when I joined V & R Mahapatra Sir for optional.

But I was lost between understanding sociology and making running notes of the topics in the class. And the biggest mistake I did was not revising what was taught in the class. The result was I made sociology my Achilles heel in UPSC.

Similarly, in Paper II, which is basically about Indian sociology, candidates must try to substantiate their answers with the help of theoretical arguments from Paper datx.xn--d1ahfccnbgsm2a.xn--p1ai, the strategy to score better in Civil Services Examination with Sociology optional is to Indianise Paper I and Westernise Paper II.

#sociologyby_kdsir #O2IASAcademySociology has become one of the most sought after optional subject for Civil service examinations. Aspirants with sociology. · Preparation Tips for Sociology Optional for IAS Mains The syllabus for Sociology is pretty vast and comprehensive. But, you can easily cover it up with the help of a proper exam strategy and study plan. Sociology requires you to expand your creative intellect and tackle issues related to social and political interests.

Have a look these. Sociology Optional Strategy for IAS Aspirants Sociology is a favorite and renowned option among several UPSC toppers.

This subject is selected by students of several subject domains as you don’t require any previous learning of this topic. Sociology Optional Books.

Sociology as an optional subject is very high scoring, and thus it is recommended to use good books that cover the topics well and help you understand the concepts at ease. The books that are recommended are: Sociology Theory by George Ritzer; Social Background of of Indian Nationalism by AR Desai; Persistence and Change in Tribal India by MV Rao. Non-sociology candidates can also do selective study of some of these files for GS, Essay, Interview preparation, depending on their time n mood (e.g.

MPS Democracy and Development, MSOE Diaspora, ESO Social problems of India). · For Sociology. It was my optional, so I had more some knowledge in this regard.

UPSC - Highest Scorer in Sociology in CSE 2018 Vishal Sah shares his optional sociology strategy

For Geography. NCERTs, and Vajiram Notes on Geography. I have had a liking for this subject, so I did an extensive reading on it, through a friend’s Geo optional notes.

UPSC strategy by sociology optional topper Vishal Shah AIR ...

Full Preparation: The Conquering of GS 2. Sociology, as an optional paper has been doing relatively well in helping number of candidates getting selected in this coveted examination, called Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC. Here in this article we are try to provide a holistic understanding and prepare a sound strategy for Sociology Optional. · Sociology Optional Preparation Strategy & Tips. You also rigourously need to practice answer writing.

Sociology Optional Preparation Strategy. Sociology By Aditya Mongra | Strategy For Preparing ...

Initially you may not be able to write good answers, but you need to keep writing. Ultimately as time passby, your answers will be improved. After you have referred to and understood the notes, please also start writing answers. UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam has Sociology as one of the Optional Subjects with 2 papers (Optional Paper I and Paper II).

The mains examination is a part of IAS Exam which has 3 stages- Prelims, Mains and Interview. This article provides you with the UPSC Sociology syllabus for Optionals. Sociology Optional Strategy. Sociology is a very interesting subject and easy to understand. It has a relatively short syllabus, which can be completed in a span of 4 months and is considered a safe optional with respect to marks. It has good overlap with general studies and helps in essay paper as well. Experienced Faculty for Sociology Optional course: Our highly accomplished faculty is lauded for redefining the approach to see optional subjects as an easy one if one plays with the right strategy.

You don't have to worry about your optional once you join us.

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We will guide you all along your preparation journey and mold you for your optional. · Discussion on Strategy for Sociology Optional.

IAS Mains Preparation Strategy for Sociology Optional

In this course, Vamshi Krishnan will discussion strategy for Sociological Answer Writing. FAQ's on preparation along with the introduction to the Emergence of Sociology will be covered in this course. This course will be beneficial for learners preparing for UPSC CSE. · We are trying to make UPSC Sociology preparation accessible to aspirants even in the remotest location. If there are any myths about UPSC Sociology, we aim to bust them.

If there is any complicated area (Paper 2?), we aim to simplify it. If Sociology is a subject that can be prepared by self study, we aim to facilitate it. Sociology is one of the highly popular optional subjects among the UPSC aspirants owing to its short and crisp syllabus, ease of understanding, and availability of good resources.

Anu Kumari (AIR 2 in IAS Exam ) is one of the most famous toppers who had Sociology as an optional subject. At IAS Gurukul, located in Delhi, we attempt to provide one of the best Sociology optional coaching classes in India. Sociology at IAS Gurukul is taught by Pranay Aggarwal, who (with his years of experience teaching sociology to CSE aspirants) is regarded as one of the leading sociology optional teachers and UPSC preparation faculty in India. In my view, an intensive but focused study of months is more than sufficient to prepare Sociology optional for the civil services exam.

I would also like to say that with regular answer-writing practice, a sincere candidate can easily score marks, particularly in the new format of the Sociology Paper.

· Hence, the preparation of Sociology optional will also help in essay preparation.

Sociology Optional: Notes, Syllabus, Book list, Question ...

It should be noted that the answers written for optional papers. · Optional Sociology. Basic material that I referred to was- Upendra Sir classroom Notes available in the market (covered both Paper 1 and Paper 2 end to end from these except the thinkers of Paper 2). Mahaptra Sir classroom notes – I did Paper 2 Thinkers from this, which has. My optional was sociology and I am sharing my detailed booklist, additional points and inputs on answer writing along with some of my test series copies.

How to Prepare for Sociology Optional for IAS Mains 2017

Sociology has become one of the favorite subject of aspirants due to its content, applications in other papers and also the “hawa/wave” factor of taking up an optional as others are taking. · Dear Friends, UPSC TopperSANJITA MOHAPATRA, Rank 10, IASbaba’s TLP CONNECT (Classroom) and SOCIOLOGY STUDENT shares her preparation strategy with Mentor datx.xn--d1ahfccnbgsm2a.xn--p1ai Krishna (Faculty for Sociology), IASbaba. Sanjitha, worked at SAIL (Steel Authority of India)from Also, she secured Rank 2 in Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC).

बिना कोचिंग के कैसे लाएं सोशियोलॉजी में टॉप स्कोर जानिए सिविल सेवा. So how Chandra prepared for his optional subject and get good marks. We are going to discuss the strategy he used to follow during his optional subject preparation. Must read: Everything about UPSC exam from scratch. Chandra’s Optional Subjects Marks. Optional Paper 1: Optional Paper 2: Final Marks: Book List for Sociology Paper 1.

New NCERTs on sociology – According to me, new NCERTs are much well designed than the older ones. They also have less factual errors and have a better flow. They also take a lot of examples from the day to day life which can be put in the answers.

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Try to read them again and again during various phases of your optional preparation. · Sociology optional syllabus Sociology section plays a very vital role as an optional subject in the examination of civil service. The candidates who are preparing for the UPSC exams and planning to choose sociology optional subject for upsc, then here we will cover the detailed syllabus of sociology optional for the upsc candidates according to the official syllabus of the UPSC.

· Sociology Paper-I: Modernity and social changes in Europe and emergence of sociology: IGNOU has a chapter on the origin of sociology + Upendra Sir’s class notes.

Scope of the subject and comparison with other social sciences: This topic is best covered in Bottomore’s, Sociology – A Guide to Problems and Literature Sociology and common sense: Praveen Kishore Sir’s printed. · Hey friends, optional is the most crucial part of CSE mains and therefore I would like to share my strategy for Sociology optional. I scored marks in the optional just after devoting 3 months. Sociology Paper 1 – Sociology Paper 2 – I had not studied Sociology till 3rd June (the day of prelims).

TarunIAS is one of the best coaching institutes for IAS in Delhi, India. We offer the best UPSC coaching in India preparing candidates for the Civil Services examination. Visit us now to know more.

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